Chef Rui Paula | Rui paula
Considerado como uma referência incontornável da cozinha moderna, e distinguido com uma Estrela Michelin, os pratos do Chef Rui Paula revelam a memória das suas origens, preservando sabores, texturas, aromas e cores, em surpreendentes recriações, cheias de originalidade. Natural do Porto, a simplicidade e o sentido de humor são traços que lhe vincam a personalidade. Foram as raízes transmontanas que lhe despertaram o gosto pela cozinha, e as mulheres da família - mãe e avó - inspiraram as bases que o transformariam no profissional que é atualmente: apaixonado, original e surpreendente.
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Waking up the senses

Considered to be an indispensable reference for modern cuisine and distinguished with two Michelin stars, Chef Rui Paula’s dishes reveal the memory of his origins, preserving flavors, textures, aromas and colors, in surprising recreations, full of originality.

Born in Oporto, simplicity and sense of humor shaped his personality. His Portuguese Northeastern  roots fostered his taste for cooking, and the women within the family – his mother and grandmother – inspired the bases that would transform him into the professional he is today: passionate, original and surprising.

Creative memory

“Gastronomy echoes emotional roots, representing a link to the cultural context”.


Memory of generations, of aromas and flavors which are recreated in every new combination, to achieve palate emotions that result in a ‘ethnic-emotional’ cuisine, with no geographical limits on creation and influences.

In the consolidated knowledge and constant search for creativity and innovation, Rui Paula is rigorous when choosing products – always fresh and of quality – handling them so that his creations meet the most modern and avant-garde trends, combined with creative and original techniques, without ever losing the genuine taste.

His curiosity is endless, resulting in unique fusion combinations, made from crossing products from around the world.

Spaces and environments

“A meal should be a sensory and cultural experience, where the restaurant atmosphere as well as the landscape, play an important role”.

The three Rui Paula restaurants, located in different environments, offer diverse gastronomic experiences.

Found within the heart of the Douro Wine Valley, DOC celebrates flavors in a unique landscape. DOP, in the historic center of Oporto, evokes gastronomic memories of colors and textures. His most recent project, but already well-established,  is Boa Nova Tea House, in Leça da Palmeira, designated as a National Monument and distinguished with a Michelin star. Here, eyes upon the sea,  all the senses are awake.

Casa de Chá da Boa Nova

Casa de Chá da Boa Nova

Entrepreneurial spirit

Accompanied by his family, and always aware of the latest trends and market evolution, Rui Paula’s projects are totally customized.

Throughout his career, he focused on working in his own restaurants, undertaking several external cookery  traineeships, meeting other kitchens to find more about Portugal and the world cuisine, while being in constant research. For more than two decades, he opened his first restaurant – Cêpa Torta. Since then, all his businesses have been translated into consistency and coherence.

International reference

Rui Paula is one of the main national and international references, having participated as a guest in numerous events of great prestige related to gastronomic and wine activity.